Asia Health 2022 Associations

Himpunan Sterilasi Sentral Indonesia (HISSI)

HISSI JATIM is a seminary association related to sterilization services in health institutions which was formed according to Decree Number: 020/07/020/2016 in 2016 . HISSI East Java itself has several program activities as a form of HISSI's contribution and existence to the development of central sterilization services in East Java, Indonesia in particular and to support healthy Indonesia in general.

Ho Chi Minh City Infection Control Society (HICS) 

Ho Chi Minh City Infection Control Society, under Ho Chi Minh Medical Society, is a professional organization of individuals who are interested in the field of infection control, including physicians, pharmacist, nurse, technician...; voluntarily take part in the mission of preventing and controlling hospital infection.

Malaysian Sterile Service Association (MSSA), Kuala Lumpur

Seeing the success of the international conference, with benefits and interactions at international levels, a group of Nurses from Kuala Lumpur Hospital, University Hospital and the National Leprosy Control Centre were motivated to form an association. They believed strongly that standards and procedures of sterilization are very important in the career of those personnel involved in sterilization services. It was with this belief that the urge to form MSSA come about and it was hoped that through MSSA a good standard of working procedure would be disseminated to all practitioners of sterilization. At this juncture Ms. Wan Muji binti Wan Ngah, who was then attached to Sterilization Unit of Kuala Lumpur Hospital, a hospital which act as a referral hospital in the country, thought of an idea to document a certain referral materials which would benefit present and future personnel involved in this sector. A referral document which would help them immensely in sustaining their profession. With her many years of experience in this profession, Ms. Wan Muji believed that a society such as MSSA would open up avenues and channels for its members to interact, communicate and share information and experiences with other members at both national and international level. Thus, it was with this belief and confidence that gave birth to MSSA.

Philippines Association of Central Services and Sterilization  Management 

In 1988, CSSD heads from different hospital gathered together and had their first convention at the Sulo Hotel.  It was organized under the leadership of Mr. Andres Matining of Philippine Heart Center (PHC) and was officially known as the “Central Services and Sterilization Association of the Philippines (CSSAP)”.  However, it did not last long because most members left for abroad.

A decade after, the association was formally reorganized in June 3, 1999 with 10 Metro Manila hospitals participating in a meeting which was headed by Ms. Melanie Anne Alcantara. That organization is the present day PACSSM and has been very active ever since.

Philippines Association of Radiologic Technologists Inc.

To unite x-ray technicians from the private and government medical institutions.

Singapore Society of Radiographers

We are a professional body representing Radiographers, Radiation Therapists and Sonographers in a myriad of imaging and therapeutic modalities, ranging from (but not limited to) Radiography, Radiation Therapy, Nuclear Medicine, Computed Tomography, Angiography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Positron Emission Tomography to Ultrasonography.

We aim to foster an environment of continual professional development; through facilitation of research and organisation of academic events, in order to excel in our various practices for the maximum benefit of our patients.

Thai Medical Device Technology Industry Association (THAIMED)

THAIMED (the Thai Medical Device Technology Industry Association) is a non-profit organization representing member companies and agencies that hold active roles in the medical device industry in Thailand. The Association was established in 1989 by six founder members all of whom recognized that there were issues that needed addressing concerning the recently implemented VAT system. Since its inception, membership has steadily increased and currently stands at 114 member companies.

Endoscopy Nurse Society of Thailand 

Endoscopy Nurse Society of Thailand 

Thai Society of Radiological Technologists