International Hospital Management Forum

Supported by:  Thailand Hospital Administrator Association
Chair: Dr Amnuay Gajeena, President, Thailand Hospital Administrator Association
Theme: “Technology Enabled Care in Hospital: TECH”

Today's hospitals challenged by aging populations, harsh financial realities and a rapidly changing technological environment need to develop cutting-edge business strategies and implement state-of-the-art solutions to increase their efficiency and competitive advantage. Efficient Hospital Management remains one of the crucial and essential factors for achieving excellence and staying on top of the game in the healthcare sector. This leadership conference will address the most pressing issues in hospital management from innovation in strategic planning through the potential in the latest health technology to pioneering leadership and employee management techniques..

Key topics:

  • Creating an outstanding patient experience
  • Strategies for maximising organisational efficiency and process optimisation
  • Successfully developing an effective Public-Private Partnership model for hospitals
  • Advances in patient data management

  • Benefits of attending:

  • Discuss innovation in healthcare service models through a pioneering hospital strategy
  • Review effective finance management for the hospital of the future
  • Describe challenges in daily operations