Patient Safety Conference

11 July 2024

This conference track focuses on promoting a culture of safety, reducing healthcare-associated infections, and enhancing patient care quality.

10-12 July 2024

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center - Bangkok

Patient Safety

11 July 2024
Lagos Room

Ensuring patient safety is paramount in delivering quality healthcare. This track is dedicated to exploring innovative strategies, best practices, and emerging trends in patient safety to enhance healthcare outcomes and minimize adverse events. Through insightful discussions, interactive sessions, and expert presentations, attendees will gain valuable insights into optimizing patient safety and quality practices within healthcare systems.

Key topics:

  • Utilizing technology and automation to reduce medication errors
  • Enhancing interdisciplinary communication and teamwork to improve patient outcomes and prevent errors
  • Patient engagement and empowerment
  • Ethical considerations in patient safety
  • Cultural competency and diversity in patient safety

Who can attend:

  • Patient Safety Officers
  • Patient Safety Consultants
  • Patient Safety Specialists
  • Infectious Disease Specialists
  • Infection Control Practioners
  • Heads· Public Health Professionals
  • GP's


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