Sterilisation and Decontamination Conference

Impact, Bangkok, Thailand

Key Topics:

  • Cleaning standards, sterilisation practices and infection control
  • Learning and development within the CSSD department 
  • Advanced technical CSSD skills
  • New equipment, qualification and CSSD vendor interactions 
  • Team engagement
  • The future of CSSD

Benefits of attending:

  • Review international certification requirements to keep CS departments functioning at peak performance
  • Identify sources of sterilisation failures and develop risk management to control errors
  • Review basics on microbial destruction, sterility sampling, sterility assurance, and sterilisation cycle development to improve infection control
  • Appraise new architectural designs of CSSD to decrease risk of contamination, increase efficiency and reduce cost of handling instruments

Speaker Faculty:

Ammar Widitaputra, Secretary, Himpunan Sterilasi Sentral Indonesia (HISSI), Jakarta, Indonesia

Dr Enrique Castro, Manager, Aesculap Consultancy Service (ACS), B. Braun Medical Supplies, Manila, Philippines

Marilou L. Mortel, Unit Manager, Central Sterilisation Unit, Makati Medical Center, Makati City, Philippines
Le Thi Anh Thu,
President, Ho Chi Minh City Infection Control Society (HICS), Ho Chi Minh City,

Nanthipha Sirijindadirat, Vice President, Central Sterilizing Services Association, Bangkok, Thailand

Santosh Rathi, Senior Vice President - Biomedical Services, Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. Management, Bangalore, India