Sterilisation & Decontamination

Chair: Nanthipha Sirijindadirat, President, Central Sterilizing Services Association, Thailand
Supported by: Central Sterilizing Services Association of Thailand
Theme: Patient safety & quality in disinfection and sterilisation

This conference will equip delegates with the knowledge of the standards, complexities and challenges associated with the CSSD function and the comprehensive working skills required to deliver a high standard of care for patients and the healthcare community. The esteemed international faculty will explore and share unique insight on the latest developments surrounding the issue of sterilisation and infection control in healthcare facilities.

Key topics:

  • Quality improvement for prevention and infection control in Vietnam
  • Achieving excellence in CSSD management
  • Instrument –patient tracking system
  • 2P safety goal
  • Evaluation and creativity to improve CSSD productivity
  • Risk associated with the reuse of single use medical devices and quality control
  • Beyond endoscope reprocessing

  • Benefits of attending:

  • Explore advances in decontamination and sterilisation procedures to provide a safe environment for patients and staff
  • Review new and updates in CSSD policies and procedures to ensure compliance
  • Discover trends in microbial monitoring techniques for provision of better patient care
  • Discuss cleaning of medical devices and appraise the latest developments automation and reprocessing

  • Key speakers:

    Mary Grace A. Kayanan, Philippines Association of Central Services and Sterilization Management (PACSSM)

    Ammar Widitaputra, Himpunan Steriasi Sentral Indonesia

    Kamarah Bt Jusoh, Malaysian Sterile Service Association

    A/Proffessor Le Thi AnhThu, Ho Chi Ninh City Infection Control Society, Vietnam

    Siriporn Ratanalert, Endoscopy Nurse Society of Thailand