Sterilisation, Decontamination & Patient Safety Conference

19 - 20 October 2022 | Amber 2

Supported by:  Central Sterilizing Services Association of Thailand

To further enhance the knowledge of the standards, complexities, and efforts in improving CSSD functions and skillset required to deliver a high standard of patient care. The conference offers unique insights on infection control and prevention during Covid-19 era and beyond that will benefit medical practitioners’ skills and institutions services for patient safety and also latest developments surrounding issue of sterilization and decontamination.

5-7 July 2023

IMPACT Exhibition Centre - Bangkok

Sterilisation, Decontamination & Patient Safety Conference 

Conference Chair:

Nanthipha Sirijindadirat, President, Central Sterilizing Services Association, Bangkok, Thailand

Key topics:

  • Exponential change in decontamination and sterilisation
  • Quality improvement for infection and prevention in Vietnam
  • 2P safety goal
  • Are we preparing for global disruptive technology?
  • How to manage reprocessing after Covid-19?
  • Transformation of CSSD after Covid-19
  • Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases
  • Patient safety toolkit post covid-19
  • Safety in CSSD in a crisis situation
  • MSSA education and training programme on sterilisation and decontamination
  • Managing CSSD in a disruptive world
  • Driving digital transformation to enhance CSSD
  • Update on international standards in endoscope reprocessing
  • How disruptive technology can change the world
  • Improving processes to improve staff resilience
  • The role of environment and HAI’s in Covid-19 patients

Benefits of attending:

  • Discuss emerging and reemerging viruses and their potential to increase in the future
  • Analyse how safe instruments can help in saving lives
  • Evaluate quality improvements for infection control in Vietnam
  • Review patient safety checklist for safe and reliable care
  • Evaluate post Covid-19 transformation of disinfection and sterilisation
  • Interpret safety process of medical equipment in case of a crisis
  • Discuss preventative measures of healthcare associated infections in patients with Covid-19

Who should attend:

  • CSSD Managers
  • CSSD Supervisors
  • CSSD Technicians
  • Nurse Manager
  • Nurses
  • CSSD Personnels
  • Hospital Decontamination Coordinators
  • Endoscope Decontamination Technicians
  • Theatre Managers
  • Patient Safety Officers
  • Patient Safety Managers
  • Quality Improvement Managers
  • Risk Managers 
  • Quality Assurance Professionals/Managers
  • Infection Control Specialists
  • Infectious Diseases Specialist
  • Infection Preventionists
  • Infectious Disease 
  • Physicians
  • Quality Officers

Detailed agenda can be found in the brochure. Click below to view the brochure.