Live in - person: 19 - 21 October 2022 | Impact Exhibition Centre - Bangkok

Exhibitor list

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Company name Booth number Country
3M 5.F10 Thailand
77 Elektronika Kft 6.C15 Hungary
Ace Medical Co., Ltd 5.D52 Korea
Agappe Diagnostics Switzerland Gmbh 6.C12 Switzerland
AGD Biomedicals Pvt. Ltd 6.E19 India
Al Fahim Healthcare Solutions LLC 6.E59 United Arab Emirates
Alifax Srl 6.D39 Italy
Allengers Medical Systems Limited 5.F30 India
Associates Of Cape Cod International Inc 6.B39 United Kingdom
Assure Tech Hangzhou Co Ltd 6.B13 China
Autobio Diagnostics Co., Ltd. 5.A10 China
Be & Bi Tech Co. 6.D61 Korea
Beckman Coulter Singapore Pte Ltd 6.C10 Singapore
Beijing Hotgen Biotech Co Ltd 5.A39 China
Ben Way Enterprises Sdn. Bhd. 5.D32 Malaysia
BGI Genomics Co., Ltd 6.E10 China
Bio Optica Milano S.p.a 5.C39 Italy
Bionime Corporation 6.D59 Taiwan, China
BioSystems S.A. 6.D31 Spain
Boditech Med Inc 5.A13 Korea
Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment 6.D12 Australia
Cellavision 5.B50 Sweden
Certest Biotec S.L 6.D30 Spain
Changhua Christian Hospital 5.D19 Taiwan, China
Changsha Sinocare Inc 6.D52 China
Chema Diagnostica srl 5.B30 Italy
College Of American Pathologists 6.D69 USA
Copan Italia SPA 6.D38 Italy
Creative Biosciences (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd 6.C60 China
Daan Gene Co., Ltd. 6.A10 China
Diagnostics Biochem Canada Inc 6.B19 Canada
Diagon LTD 6.F19 Hungary
Dian Diagnostics Group Co., Ltd. 6.B59 China
Diapath SpA 6.C38 Italy
Diasorin S.P.A 5.B18 Italy
DiaTrust Medical Co., Ltd. 6.A51 China
Dirui Industrial Co., Ltd. 5.C13 China
Edan Instruments Inc 6.D19 China
EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc 6.C33 United Kingdom
Erba Corporate Services Ltd 5.B39 United Kingdom
Erba Diagnostics 5.B19 United Arab Emirates
Fujian Secure Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 5.B59 China
Future Decoration Group Co., Ltd. 5.E19 Thailand
GenScript Biotech (Singapore) Pte Ltd 6.B30 Singapore
Greiner Bio-One GmbH 6.C30 Austria
Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co., Ltd 6.F10 China
Hosmed INC 5.E15 USA
Icex Spain Trade And Investment E.P.E. 5.C50 Spain
I-sens, Inc. 6.A31 Korea
Jiangsu Ccpit International Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd. 5.E39 China
Jiangsu Saikang Medical Equipment Co, Ltd 5.D39 China
Joinstar Biomedical Technology Co.,LTD 6.C59 China
LabWare (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 5.B38 Thailand
LG Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 5.E10 Thailand
Liferiver Bio-Tech Corp. 5.B54 USA
Liquor Distillery Organization 5.D10 Thailand
Lotus Surgicals Private Ltd 5.G10 India
Maccura Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 6.D32 China
MATRADE Bangkok, Embassy of Malaysia Commercial and Investment Office 5.E30 Thailand
Medic Clean Air - Walsberghe nv 5.C37 Belgium
Medical & Biological Laboratories Co. Ltd. 5.C38 Japan
Medical Innovation Ventures Sdn Bhd (mediven) 6.B38 Malaysia
Mgi Tech Co., Ltd 5.A60 China
Microbiologics Inc 5.B58 USA
Mutrack 5.D31 Thailand
N Health 5.C30 Thailand
Nanova Biomaterials Inc. 5.B15 USA
New Life Diagnostics LLC 5.B16 USA
Official Equipment Manufacturing 5.B31 Thailand
Oliver Healthcare Packaging 5.B57 Singapore
PaxGenBio Co. Ltd. 6.C32 Korea
Randox Laboratories Ltd X United Kingdom
Sansure Biotech. Inc. 5.C19 China
Sanwa Biotech 5.A12 Hong Kong, S.A.R., China
Shanghai Dongsin Exhibition Service Co Ltd 5.C61 China
Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 6.B33 China
Shenzhen Dymind Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 6.D33 China
Shenzhen Lifotronic Technology Co Ltd 6.B36 China
Shenzhen Superbio Technology Co., Ltd. 6.A15 China
Shenzhen Yhlo Biotech Co Ltd 5.A19 China
Sigtuple Technologies Private Limited 5.B12 India
Skyla Corporation Hsinchu Science Park Branch 6.D50 Taiwan, China
SLEE medical GmbH 5.C12 Germany
Suzhou Hybiome Biomedical Engineering 5.A30 China
Sysmex Asia Pacific 5.C10 Singapore
Taiwan Advanced Nanotech Inc. 6.D51 Taiwan, China
TBA CO. LTD. 6.F13 Japan
Thailand Science Park (TSP) 5.D33 Thailand
Tianjin Mnchip Technologies Co. Ltd 5.B56 China
Top Corporation 5.C32 Japan
TOYOBO CO., LTD. 6.C39 Japan
Tradex Services Gmbh 6.F50 Germany
Tradex Services Gmbh 6.F30 Germany
Trivitron Healthcare 5.D60 India
U-NEURON 6.D55 Taiwan, China
URIT Medical Electronic Co., Ltd. 6.E18 China
Veredus Laboratories Pte Ltd 6.B35 Singapore
Vircell S.l. 6.F18 Spain
VOLTA srl 5.B32 Italy
Wallonia Export - Invest Agency 6.E50 Belgium
Wellgen Medical 6.D58 Taiwan, China
WHPM Bioresearch & Technology Co Ltd 6.D56 China
Winback Go East 5.D59 Korea
Xiamen Zeesan Biotech Co., Ltd. 6.C69 China
Yourgene Health (Singapore) Pte Ltd 6.B32 Singapore
Zignature Robotics 5.D30 Thailand