Online: 20-22 October 2021 | from your office or home

International Travel during the pandemic - Opportunities and Challenges for Labs




 20th October 2021 | 12:30 - 13:00


Medical laboratories around the world are now playing an increasingly important role in the travel industry as international travel restarts. The travel environment post-COVID provides a window of opportunity for labs to grow their COVID testing business. 

But COVID-19 travel requirements are complicated and constantly changing – how can lab managers relieve the operational burden and uncertainty surrounding country policies to issue internationally compliant COVID-19 medical records to travellers?

From country-specific travel formats and travel regulations, different travel standards like IATA, CommonPass, IBM, SMART and QR-code verifiable COVID-19 travel test results, this webinar will explain all you need to know about COVID-19 travel requirements and provide solutions on how to overcome them.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the different country-specific COVID-19 requirements
  • Understand the various different data standards that countries and airlines are using
  • Discover the revenue opportunities that laboratories can experience by issuing COVID-19 travel tests 
  • Examples of how Accredify has helped Asia's largest laboratories remain compliant to the changing COVID-19 travel memos 


Simon Gordon
Chief Commerical Officerr, Accredify

Simon Gordon is Accredify’s Chief Commercial Officer. He leads Accredify’s commercial and business development activities as well as oversees Accredify’s healthcare business. Prior to Accredify, Simon worked in venture capital at Singapore government-owned firm SGInnovate where he invested in and built early-stage medical and healthcare-related tech startups.

Previously Simon also worked as a management consultant focused on early-stage MedTech and digital healthcare ventures. Through this work, Simon has experience advising multinational corporations in licensing or acquiring early-stage companies and technology. Simon graduated with a Masters of Bioscience Enterprise and a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience.