Online: 20-22 October 2021 | from your office or home

The role of clean air in keeping high care areas clean


Medic Clean Air


 20th October 2021 | 16:00 - 16:30 ICT


In this webinar, our Business Intelligence Manager Lisa Van Passel explains how hospitals and other medical environments can make and keep their high care areas as clean as possible, with the help of air purification.
She discusses in detail what aspects you as a hospital should take into account when looking for the right air purification solution for your challenges. She also discusses what other aspects besides air purification are crucial to keep your high care areas clean.

Learning objectives

  • Find out why a fully clean high care area is so important for your hospital
  • What are the different types of transmissions of infections are and what the risks are 
  • Find out what the crucial role of air purification is in keeping this area clean
  • Discover what crucial factors you need to take into account to choose the right air purification solution for your hospital
  • Discover how to maintain your air purification systems in order to continuously keep your areas clean and minimise risks


Lisa Van Passel
Business Intelligence Manager, Medic Clean Air

Lisa Van Passel has joined Medic Clean Air as a Business Intelligence Manager earlier this year. Born and bred in Belgium, she attended the University of Leuven where she completed a master’s in economics and then a post-graduate management degree. She has spent 3 years in the machinery sector at Atlas Copco, as a buyer. At Medic Clean Air she’s responsible for the customer lifecycle; sales, client success, partnerships, and product development.