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2022 News

Next generation diagnostics article


Advanced molecular point-of-care-testing in the Asia Pacific region

Medical diagnostic testing at or near the point of care—that is, at the time and place of patient care is the new trending topic in the field of medical laboratory. Let's look at how advanced molecular point-of-care testing in the Asia Pacific region has helped improve disease detection and patient outcome.

Next generation diagnostics article

Next generation diagnostics transforming the trajectory of the healthcare industry

As the COVID-19 pandemic changed the face of healthcare, Frost & Sullivan has identified key growth opportunities and new advancements in next generation diagnostics with insights by Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Analyst, Amartya Bose.

Medlab Asia and Asia Health to host first-ever live, in-person event in Thailand

Informa Markets, in partnership with Impact Muang Thong Thani, have confirmed that Medlab Asia and Asia Health will take place in Thailand for the first time when the co-located events return live and in-person at the Impact Exhibition Centre, Bangkok, from 19 - 21 October 2022.

2021 News

Thailand closely monitors COVID-19 patients via a telemedicine platform

The Thai government has built a telemedicine platform to monitor COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms at home and at community isolation centres. The platform keeps a record of patients' daily food intake, treatments, prescriptions, and temperatures.

COVID-19 and the health care supply chain: impacts and lessons learned

The COVID-19 pandemic shone a bright light on the cracks and weaknesses in the health care supply chains. There are several strategies that the industry can implement to mitigate supply chain disruptions during major emergencies without incurring exorbitant costs.

Blood management during the COVID-19 pandemic

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has required healthcare systems to implement strategies for effective healthcare delivery while managing blood supply chain disruptions and shortages created by infection-limiting practices that have reduced blood donations

Technology Trends in Healthcare in 2021: The rise of AI

To better understand where the healthcare technology industry is going, studying key tech trends is paramount. Although proven systems are often preferred for their reliability, businesses are always looking for new ways to improve their performance, productivity, and efficiency.

Thailand's exceptional strength as the world's medical hub

With a strong healthcare infrastructure, highly skilled medical professionals, and international standard medical services, Thailand is a global hub for medical tourism. In 2019, approximately 3.5 million medical tourists visited Thailand.

Thailand to be a Model in 5G-Enabled Smart Healthcare

Last year, COVID-19 swept across the world with an unprecedented impact on people’s lives. In Thailand, newly launched 5G technology was used to combat this pandemic and will be even more instrumental this year to drive economic recovery.

Why now is the right time to start Healthcare Business in Thailand?

Thailand has dealt very nicely with the COVID-19 public health massacre and crisis issues. It is not the only reason for you to focus on the healthcare business in Thailand. There are a bundle of reasons to catalyze your feeling of doing so. The BOI is promoting the BCG economy with strategies to attract FDI for healthcare business in Thailand.

Investors Target Healthcare

Longer life expectancy and changes in centuries-old extended family culture are making the healthcare industry a magnet for investors looking for business opportunities.

Digital trends in the healthcare industry in 2021

Gone are the days when introducing digital elements was seen as a feasible shift towards modernisation, today reduction of staff, faultless decision-making and reliance on home-based medicine has become an urgency, instead of a conscious move. However, as we embrace the new normal, the healthcare industry is undergoing a massive transformation, dominated by digitisation.

Hospital Artificial Intelligence Market Future Prediction Report 2021-2028

The report has offered an all-inclusive analysis of the global Hospital Artificial Intelligence Market taking into consideration all the crucial aspects like growth factors, constraints, market developments, top investment pockets, future prospects, and trends. At the start, the report lays emphasis on the key trends and opportunities that may emerge in the near future and positively impact the overall industry growth.

Healthcare in Thailand – Where's the potential?

The ageing population points to a growing domestic market that will need more medical and healthcare treatment. Elderly folks are most at risk for disease and disability. The proportion of older persons will increase from 16.9% in 2016 to nearly 30% by 2050.

In addition to the domestic demand for medical services, Thailand is a leader in medical tourism – serving travellers for annual check-ups, wellness solutions and medical treatments.

2020 News

Asia’s largest healthcare and medical laboratory virtual event launches today

Medlab Asia and Asia Health, a free-to-attend virtual event brought by Informa Markets and Impact Exhibition Management Co., kicks off today Tuesday 20 October with a panel discussion on pandemic management. This year’s event builds on the success of ASEAN’s biggest multi-disciplinary conference for the healthcare and medical laboratory industry. The three day virtual exhibition will bring together regional healthcare professionals to meet and do business online.

Medlab Asia and Asia Health 2020 transform into the biggest virtual platform in ASEAN - Press Release

From 20-22 October, the ASEAN healthcare community will be brought together on a scale like never seen before through an experience delivered entirely online. IMPACT Exhibition Management has joined forces with Informa Markets, organiser of world-leading events such as Arab Health, Hospitalar, FIME and Medlab Middle East, to bring the virtual edition of Medlab Asia and Asia Health 2020, an international trade exhibition and congress on medical laboratory and healthcare.

Tests for virus cure 'promising

Trials of a potential coronavirus vaccine on animals has yielded satisfactory results, according to the Public Health Ministry. Department of Medical Sciences director-general, Opart Karnkawinpong, said the tests were conducted by scientists led by Kiat Ruxrungtham of Chulalongkorn University in collaboration with researchers from Siriraj Hospital, Ramathibodi Hospital and several regional hospitals. The team has developed what it hopes is a DNA vaccine and administered it to mice in lab tests.

Coronavirus update: List of WHO's top-8 contenders for COVID-19 vaccine

Five months into the global outbreak of COVID-19, the world is racing against time to prepare a vaccine for treating coronavirus patients. Trials are underway in laboratories across the world, with several companies and governments doubling their efforts to find a permanent cure for the deadly virus. World leaders and organisations except the United States have already pledged $8 billion to research, manufacture, and distribute a possible vaccine and treatment for COVID-19 apart from the individual efforts taken by the countries and their pharmaceutical firms. Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified top eight candidates for the coronavirus vaccine.

COVID effect: Medical AI takes prominence in Asia Pacific

The COVID-19 pandemic has put tremendous strain on the healthcare sector globally. With no established treatment, an exponential rise in cases, limited resources and vulnerability of the medical staff — of catching the virus, the sector has found itself struggling to deal with the crises. Healthcare professionals are working tirelessly on faster diagnosis, rapid response, effective use of human resources and ensuring safety of medical personnel.

Advancing Thailand’s Medical Device Manufacturing

According to Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration, the country is home to around 500 medical device manufacturers and 2,500 medical device importers operating at present.