Central Sterilizing Services Association (CSSA)

We're thrilled to partner with Central Sterilizing Services Association (CSSA) ofThailand for the upcoming Asia Health 2023. CSSA's groundbreaking research will cover a range of topics, including sterilisation, disinfectant guidelines, and personnel training. This three-day event will attract over 7,500 visitors from 50+ countries, providing a platform for medical professionals to exchange insights on the latest advances in managing infection-free medical devices. Join us and be a part of the cutting-edge technologies changing the world of healthcare.

Benefit from our partnership:

Network with industry professionals

Connect with professionals in healthcare and sterilization industries and gain insights from the biggest names in the Industry.

Increased learning opportunity

Gain a well-rounded understanding of the healthcare industry in Thailand.

One dedicated platform

Have trade discussions and conversations on innovative technologies in the medical industry on one dedicated platform.

Improved patient outcomes

Learn about best practices and technologies in infection prevention and sterilization to provide better care to patients.

Lab Tech Advancements

Opportunity to learn the advances in laboratories as well as managing infection-free medical devices

CSSA's mission

  1. Create a professional network at the national and ASEAN regional level.
  2. Promote and support the development of national and ASEAN regional networks.
  3. Enhance the skills and knowledge of professionals to meet international standards
  4. Monitor technological advancements and disseminate information to professionals
  5. Support health service facilities in neighboring countries with limited resources.
  6. Develop training programs and improve human resources.