Digital trends in the healthcare industry in 2021

Thursday, 4 February 2021

Over the years, digitisation has revolutionised the healthcare industry. There have been numerous digital transformations that have positively impacted the sector, allowing corporations and professionals to diversify. Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, many aspects of the healthcare industry have irrevocably changed, enabling people to change their perspective on digitisation. Gone are the days when introducing digital elements was seen as a feasible shift towards modernisation, today reduction of staff, faultless decision-making and reliance on home-based medicine has become an urgency, instead of a conscious move. However, as we embrace the new normal, the healthcare industry is undergoing a massive transformation, dominated by digitisation. According to a report published by Jabil, 92 per cent of healthcare solutions have taken the digital route for increased consumer usage. Hence, this column will explore some trends to look forward to as we welcome 2021 with a positive attitude and mindset.

Healthcare industry’s backbone – Artificial Intelligence

In the recent past, the usage of artificial intelligence in the industry has gained tremendous momentum. Although it may seem costly at first glance, research suggests that this technology can save up to US$150 billion annually by 2026. With the aid of AI in the medical environment, Accenture regards this as the new nervous system of the industry. Some of the trending applications of AI include using them for caregiving, nursing, chatbots systems, robot-assisted surgery, virtual health assistants, medical dosage, diagnosis, precision medicine, cybersecurity and many others. 

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Source: Omnia Health