Investors Target Healthcare

Demographics, family culture at play

Monday, 22 March 2021

Longer life expectancy and changes in centuries-old extended family culture are making the healthcare industry a magnet for investors looking for business opportunities.

A third factor fuelling the growth of the industry is increasing public health concerns amid the Covid-19 pandemic, said Tanatip Suppradit, vice-chairman and chief executive of Thonburi Healthcare Group Plc (THG).

"People are living longer today. This causes healthcare businesses, notably hospitals, to adjust their business models to match people's lifestyles," he said.

This new trend has attracted investors from other industries who see new opportunities in the healthcare sector. They want to operate businesses that provide care for the elderly as that segment grows in Thailand and other countries.

Dr Tanatip said current social conditions do not encourage young people to take care of elders in their families. Many people do not live in extended families as their ancestors did.

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Source: Bangkok Post