Laying the path for Asia's healthcare evolution

CEO Interview with Dr. Lizhong Dai, Founder and CEO of Sansure Biotech Inc.

Could you tell us about your company’s products or solutions?
Sansure Biotech is a global molecular diagnostics company. Our vision is to make innovative diagnostics for all, in the form of accessible and innovative genetic technologies, products and services. Our main business includes reagents for different diagnostic programmes, extraction and amplification instruments, POCT instruments, NGS, and independent clinical laboratory services. 

The 2022 event sees a return to the traditional in-person format. What are you looking forward to the most from in-person interactions at this year’s show?
We look forward to another opportunity to meet face-to-face with our end users and channel partners, to exchange information on product usage and technology trends. In the COVID-19 pandemic we provided efficient nucleic acid testing solutions to customers in more than 160 countries worldwide. In the post-pandemic era, we hope to work with countries to help with local disease detection, diagnosis, and treatment, and to make molecular diagnostics more widely available to individuals.

What are you showcasing at Medlab Asia & Asia Health this year?
We are delighted to be in Thailand for Medlab Asia & Asia Health 2022. On this occasion, Sansure Biotech will showcase a range of molecular diagnostics products for different infectious diseases. These include our leading products for SARS-CoV-2, NAT blood screening, respiratory panel, HPV, STIs, and our latest ‘automated solutions’ and molecular POCT instruments — iPonatic series. Our full-scenario products and solutions can perfectly meet the demand of different segments of customers and application scenarios.

The pandemic has had a major impact in Asia. Has it changed your business? If so, how?
We have acquired many international end users over the past two years because of our commitment to fighting the COVID-19 outbreak.  This achievement is a result of the hard work of all our teams and partners. By helping our customers set up molecular testing laboratories, and providing the appropriate technology and equipment, we have established long-term relationships with end users. In addition, the pandemic has boosted the molecular testing industry. Countries have also increased their molecular testing capabilities. The COVID-19 pandemic is still severe, but the risk to infected individuals is less than before. However, pandemic prevention and control will remain a priority due to the emergence of new variants that exacerbate the spread of COVID-19. 
Measures such as maintaining testing coverage, improving testing efficiency and the rapid reporting of test results will continue to be prioritised in managing a COVID-19 pandemic.  In the aftermath of the pandemic, we should not ignore the risks from other infectious diseases, such as influenza, tuberculosis and other respiratory infections, viral hepatitis, and HIV. Sansure is committed to building global capacity for the prevention and control of major infectious diseases, drawing on the experience of infectious disease prevention and management to help the world make a healthier system.

Could you shed light on any future plans?
After more than 10 years of continuous development, Sansure has established “IShare” as its core value, with “innovating diagnostics for all” as its mission. In terms of product development, Sansure will further optimise solutions for viral hepatitis and SARS-COV-2 testing, blood screening, respiratory pathogens diagnosis and other product lines. Sansure will also expand fields that include infectious disease diagnostics, early tumour screening, oncology individualised medication guidance, chronic disease management, pet medical care, and animal disease prevention and control. We will improve the coverage of the business market and accelerate the breakthrough from business to consumer markets. We will invest more in our current and future medical device platform, including large-scale integrated automation equipment, POCT instrument, immunoassay and sequencing, heading to a platform company, further enhancing internal growth drivers and outward expansion capabilities.

Anything else you would like to add?
The pandemic has taught us all an important public health lesson, resulting in that people are now aware of the importance of molecular diagnostics. Molecular diagnostics is the gold standard for identifying SARS-CoV-2. Based on PCR technology, Sansure has further developed innovative platforms, which have significantly reduced operational challenges, allowing professionals to use them after simple training. We believe that technical service is crucial to our end users. During the past two years, Sansure has sent hundreds of technical engineers to many countries and regions worldwide to provide specialised services and training. Our service team can also provide a round-the-clock service when needed. As a leading company in molecular diagnostics, Sansure continues to adhere to the dual-wheel drive of “innovation + service” to provide top testing products and technical services to laboratories.