STERIS Workshop

Impact, Bangkok, Thailand

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For more than a century, STERIS Corporation has recognized and valued the clinical and technical healthcare professionals' daily commitment to quality patient care. They understand that when they focus on staff education your productivity and quality of work improves. 

From 10 - 12 June at Medlab Asia Pacific & Asia Health attend free Healthcare Continuing Education (CE) courses and webinars at the STERIS UNIVERSITY, located just beside the lunch area.

Courses and webinars include:

  • Safety in the Central Service Department
  • Safety in the GI Endoscopy Department
  • The Challenges of Prion Decontamination
  • The Importance of Surface Disinfection and Departmental Housekeeping in CS
  • Understanding Steam Sterilization
  • Cleaning & Decontamination Series - Manual and Automated Cleaning
  • A Journey of a Surgical Instrument
  • ….and many more

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