Focusing on lab testing and interpretation of treatment of blood-related diseases, this Haematology Conference provides an opportunity for haematologists to transform patient outcomes by accelerating the impact of novel genomics, data and therapeutics in blood disorder pathology.

Chair: Dr Phandee Watanaboonyongcharoen, Doctor of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand


Key topics:

  • New DNA array for Thalassemia diagnosis in South East Asia
  • Hemophilia and Thrombosis
  • Advances in Anticoagulant Monitoring
  • Interpretation Complete Blood Count (CBC) in clinical practice
  • Quality assurance in automated hematology
  • Transfusion therapy in chronically transfused patient
  • Point-of-Care Testing devices for measuring hemoglobin concentrations
  • Next Generation Sequencing for Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Benefits of attending:

  • Review updates concerning quality control and haemovigilance improve accuracy, competence and ensure compliant practice
  • Discover key technological breakthroughs in haematology and blood transfusion to improve patient outcomes
  • Identify new threats, new technologies for infectious diseases and safe blood transfusion

Key speakers:

Dr May Yassin Raouf, ISBT Regional Director for Eastern Mediterranean Region

Prof Htun Lwin Nyein, Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar

Prof Ayako Arai, School of Health Care Sciences, Faculty of Medicine Japan (TBC)

Prof Vip Viprasit, Mahidol University, Thailand