Hongik Medical Systems (HIMS) releases five minute Autoclave MiniCLAVE M20n into global markets

 HIMS, one of the Korean manufacturers of steam sterilizers for medical use has exhibited the MINICLAVE M20n (high pressure steam sterilizer with very compact and ultra- high speed) at the Arab Health 2018, the world's largest global medical equipment exhibition which is being held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Taking this opportunity, HIMS began to open the doors to supply its sterilizer brand to world markets by strengthening the trust relationship with the medical device distribution partners in the Middle East following the Korean and Southeast Asian markets.

During the exhibition period, HIMS is proud to present its new sterilizer (M20n) and shows all potential, valuable customers it with excellent sterilization performance and fast sterilization time through product demonstration at Booth (Za'abeel Hall 7, D30) of HIMS.

It is a compact, one-touch mode that is easy to operate and can be installed in small and narrow spaces. In addition, the length of the chamber is long, so it is convenient for the user to insert and remove various sizes of objects to be sterilized. 

The operating mechanism is similar to the conventional cassette type, but differentiated from conventional sterilizers by reducing the total sterilization time by 5 minutes for a 2 litre class vertical chamber. It is a product which is designed and developed for safe and quick sterilization of various small medical instruments in dental, ophthalmology and operating room.

 Especially, it has proven that the accuracy of temperature control is excellent and does not effect on the lifespan of the handpiece, so the greatest strength is to be used it directly in the operating room when sterilization is needed in an emergency during surgery or medical procedure.

In addition, it is highly economical with optimized size for sterilization such as spaying and neutering of companion animals in an animal hospital or scaling. It is popular enough to be called an essential sterilizer of animal hospital and it is possible to substitute for existing expensive cassette type sterilizers completely in the ophthalmology, accordingly, M20n can play the role of sterilizer itself in the medical field.

The MINICALVE series of HIMS’s own brand has acquired ISO13485 and KFDA by its own development and production. It is also recognized as an advantage that safety is improved and the failure rate is minimized by full range of quality control and quality assurance activities. As the result, service is fast and reliable because it is directly manufactured by HIMS.

Duk-Nam Choi, a representative of HIMS who attended at the Arab Health 2018 in Dubai said that “HIMS will develop a dedicated sterilizer for various applications using compact and high-pressure steam sterilizer’s platform, strive to meet the needs of customers as well as will continue our marketing activities with our partners in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia."