Oncolndx by OneCell Diagnostics


OncoIndx offers Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP) across all Solid Tumors. It is a well-validated NGS test to extract therapy information from both tissues as well as blood samples with a Faster Turn Around Time of less than 15 days. 

        Test Highlights

  • 1000+ Genes: Covers over 1000 targetable or therapeutically significant genes.
  • High Coverage: Achieves >99% on-target coverage to ensure comprehensive analysis. 
  • Mean Depth: With depths of 2000x for tissue and 10000x for blood samples, we ensure thorough examination.

    Genomic Markers Covered 

  • 300 Resistance Markers 
  • 50 Translocations (fusions) 
  • Genome-wide CNV backbone 
  • Genome-wide LOH markers 
  • 47 HRR genes 
  • Genome-wide HRD scoring (based on an aggregate of LOH, LST, TAI and HRR) MSI (including 2000 
  • MSI and MMR genes) 
  • 18 Pharmacogenomic markers 
  • TMB (Tumor Mutational Burden)

    What sets us apart? 

  • Longitudinal monitoring markers  
  • Traceability to ongoing clinical trials worldwide  
  • PD-L1 through IHC (TBx) / immunofluorescence on CTCs (LBx) CTC enumeration