DTprime Real-Time PCR System – DNA-TECHNOLOGY   

DTprime RT-PCR system for DNA/RNA targets analysis is an optimum choice for diagnostic laboratories with high throughput of routine tests and for research organizations, allowing fine-tuning adjustments. 


 * compatible with plastics and PCR kits by varied manufacturers

* accompanied by branded software to integrate workflow in the laboratory information system and store data safely 

* compact design and convenient alignment of several devices side-by-side 

The instrument can be used in any field, including microbiome composition analysis for a whole family: 

* Androflor® - male urogenital tract microbiome examination kit, including inflammatory and infertility causes in several types of biomaterials. 

* Femoflor® - the first in the world patented kit for female microbiome composition analysis for RT-PCR. Over 2 000 000 tests done globally! 

* NEW! Enteroflor® Kiddy – the first in the world certified examination kit of the children gut microbiota from 0 to 14 years old! 

All test reports are generated automatically by the software in a comprehensive form serving fast and accurate diagnosis for clinicians.