V-VEIL UP2 is a self-sampling medical device used to collect secretions, various fluids and substances that are in the vaginal cavity and cervix for diagnostic laboratory testing. 


  • Specially created for women who feel discomfort during gynaecological examinations, which may also be related to cultural or religious values. 
  • 97.1% acceptance rate, on a 253 women panel. 
  • The use of self-sampling veil double the detection capacity of HPV-HR, by multiplex PCR in real-time, compared to a standard swab taken by a gynaecologist or a nurse.

Our product is definitely more practical, since the woman has the possibility to receive and send the kit via postal services.  V-VEIL UP2 KIT has all the legal safety elements to allow sending self-sampling with human secretions. 

V-VEIL UP2 veil is simple, safe, and respects the privacy of all women.