16-18 August 2023

IMPACT Exhibition Center - Bangkok

Medical landscape and innovations from Poland


Polish Investment and Trade Agency


Thursday, 20 October 2022 
    10:30 - 12:00
Johannesburg room


Medical Device & Equipment from Poland
Polish Investment and Trade Agency

  • The products manufactured by Polish companies have not only made their way to the new markets and customers but have also become highly appreciated.
  • Two categories outstanding in terms of value medical: orthopaedic equipment, apparatus, prostheses, and hearing aids as well as veterinary instruments.
  • Biggest export destinations for Polish medical equipment: USA, Germany, Denmark, France, UK, Canada.

MediHelp and HoloMIAI – the most innovative solutions which support human life from remote care to surgical area

  • MediHelp – The telemedicine platform enabling continuous patients monitoring with no limited number of telemedicine devices, as well as providing fast communication path thanks to embedded ACS - Azure Communication Services used for video and audio calls and chats.
  • HoloMIAI - Mixed Reality technology for operational imaging to support ablation surgeries.

Innovative technologies - a fad or saving time and costs?
RSQ Technologies

  • Mixed reality in the operating room
  • Artificial Intelligence in medical imaging
  • Medical analysis of every movement

Digital transformation in healthcare. Building blocks from Comarch Healthcare

  • Key trends that will draw the hospital of the future to be addressed by specialization and appliance of new technologies
  • Remote care improves the quality of life for patients that need continuous monitoring
  • The E-health cloud allows patients to access and securely share their health-related data

Rehabilitation and care beds. Proven solutions and new ones.
Reha-Bed Sp. Z o. o.

  • Rehabed – company and its history
  • Presentation of rehabilitation and care beds and their functions
  • Prospects and innovations of care beds

Automated Storages for Healthcare Sector – Plasma Storage solutions for Blood Banks
CoolSystems by M2M Team Ltd

  • How not to waste human plasma, save lives and earn money
  • Process automation at -32 ° C as a key element in achieving high-quality plasma
  • The implementation of automatic plasma storage is available to any blood bank in 5 simple steps


Poland Pavilion: Showcase of Polish Medical Devices

10:30 AM - 10:33 AM       Opening

10:33 AM - 10:45 AM       Polish Investment and Trade Agency

10:47 AM - 10:59 AM       Holo4Med

11:01 AM - 11:13 AM           RSQ Technologies

11:15 AM - 11:27 AM          Comarch 

11:29 AM - 11:41 AM          Reha-Bed Sp. Z o. o.

11:43 AM - 11:55 AM         CoolSystems by M2M Team Ltd

11:55 AM - 12:00 PM        Closing


Norbert Bak
Head of Foreign Trade Office in Bangkok 
Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Norbert started his professional career gaining experience at Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley investment banking in New York City. Later for more than 7 years he worked in Citibank  where he was holding various managerial roles within foreign currency exchange department and equity brokerage in various Citibank offices: London, Prague and Warsaw. Later he joined Warsaw Stock exchange where he supported companies  in the process of raising capital through the issue of equity shares and bonds.

Starting from 2018 Norbert joined Polish Investment and Trade Agency as the Head of Foreign Trade Office in Bangkok. His focus is facilitating trade and investments between Poland and Thailand.

Robert Król

Versatile and results-oriented professional with 20 years of experience in sales and management. Robert has worked in Poland and in Germany for global organizations such as Alcatel and Lucent. Most recently a board member at Indra, where he was responsible for sales and operations in the sectors such as defence, public services and the public sector. Since 2020 he has become the CEO of Holo4Med - one of the most promising and innovative MedTech startups in Europe - Holo4Med, which transforms the healthcare sector using technologies like Mixed Reality or 5G.

Bartlomiej Lubiatowski
RSQ Technologies

The founder of RSQ Technologies, who runs the company with a vision of catching up the abyss between what is happening at Apple and what medical professionals use every day. The first step on this path is software that really helps healthcare professionals and supports them in their daily practice. He introduced the RSQ HOLO (holographic operating room), RSQ AI (artificial intelligence supporting diagnostic imaging) and RSQ Motion systems (detailed analysis of human movement) to the market. He created applications that facilitate everyday work with medical documentation in electronic form: RSQ Physio (dedicated to physiotherapists), RSQ Doctor (dedicated to doctors) and RSQ Clinic (dedicated to administration employees).

Krzysztof Maurer
Managing Director

Krzysztof Maurer is a Managing Director of Comarch (Thailand). He is responsible for business growth and driving client success in Southeast Asia. Comarch is a global vendor with 7000 experts and clients in almost 100 countries, providing IT solutions for large enterprises from different industries, including banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, travel, and healthcare. With over 25 years of experience in IT projects in Europe and Asia, Krzysztof has focused his career on helping enterprise clients drive innovation, explore new revenue opportunities, lower operating costs, and improve user experience.

Karolina Staniak
Director of Trade Division
Reha-Bed Sp. Z o. o.

Karolina Staniak is chief executive officer, president of trade department, and a member of the Board of Directors of Reha-Bed Sp. z o. o. from Poland. Born in Katowice, Poland Mrs Staniak earned her degree from Cracow University of Economics and Finances. Karolina Staniak serves as chief executive officer of company Reha-Bed Sp. z o.o. since year 2003. She is a veteran with many years of experience in leadership roles in the medical and health devices industries.

During many years of her position, she developed and modernized the Reha-Bed company, introducing dozens of new products to the market and winning new customers and distributors from all over the world. Karolina is demonstrating in her everyday work a strong track record in initiating and leading change. Professional in every way Karolina is an inspiration for her employees. Avid runner and sportswoman, Karolina likes reading books and traveling. She is also a great dog lover.

Piotr Jarosz
Board Member
CoolSystems by M2M Team Ltd

Piotr Jarosz is a manager with experience in global corporations, managing the development and sales of new technologies in the field of medicine, automation, IoT, telecommunications and electronics.Experienced practitioner who successfully implements complex projects related to the effectiveness and transformation of organizations and processes. Responsible for creating and implementing sales strategies and sales management. A specialist in the field of designing processes and solutions for logistics and storage of medical products at low temperatures, including human plasma, dedicated to blood banks and plasma fractionating factories.For 4 years in M2M Team Ltd as a Member of the M2M Team Management Board, responsible for sales projects and global development of the company.A graduate of the University of Economics in Krakow and the University of Rzeszow, Master of Science.

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