Interview with Dr. Peter Fitzgerald

Managing Director,
Randox Laboratories

Briefly tell us about your organisation and areas of expertise. 

Randox is a leading diagnostics company from the United Kingdom with over 40 years’ experience in the life sciences sector. From an initial staff complement of 2 people, we now employ over 2,500 staff, and maintain considerable investment and capabilities in R&D and innovation. We are currently active in 145 countries around the world. 

Randox’s core business involves the global provision of analysers and consumable materials to healthcare laboratories, for the analysis of blood and other sample types. Randox has developed a range of analyser systems, including for clinical chemistry, immunoassay, and molecular analysis, alongside the supporting reagents. Randox also provides internal quality control and external quality assurance materials, which are essential to confirm the accuracy and precision of laboratory results. This enables accurate diagnosis by clinicians. 

What do you think sets Asia apart from the others when it comes to health, medical and laboratory innovation?

Asia is a dynamic market, agile in nature and with an understanding of the need for innovation in improving patient well-being and healthcare outcomes. This innovative approach is evidenced within the laboratories and in healthcare more generally - where modern technologies are rapidly being adopted.  Outside the laboratory setting there are a greater number of quality point of care devices allowing patients to be diagnosed more conveniently and closer to the point of need. 

As Randox is continually developing modern technologies with the ability to provide early patient diagnosis and prevention, Asia is a region with exciting potential. 

What will you be showcasing at Medlab Asia 2023 and what opportunities are you looking forward to at the event?

Showcasing this year at Medlab Asia, Randox are proud to present several new Acusera Quality Controls. Quality Control is our passion; we believe in producing high quality material that can help streamline procedures, whilst saving time and money for laboratories of all sizes and budgets. With an extensive product offering comprising third party quality controls & calibrators, interlaboratory data management, external quality assessment, calibration verification and molecular IQC and EQA for infectious disease testing, you can count on Randox to deliver trustworthy results repeatedly. Just ask one of our 60,000 users worldwide. Offering laboratories with complete consolidation, commutability, accurate target values and extensive shelf life, new additions to the Randox Acusera range of controls inc· Active B12

  • AMH
  • BNP
  • Bone Markers 
  • Pre-Eclampsia
  • Serum Indices
  • Ultra-Low PSA 
  • Xanthochromia

Please highlight some of your recent achievements and accolades.

Randox has subsequently committed significant resources to R&D and have revitalised the range of high-quality internal quality controls and external quality assurance that is available to laboratories. We are proud the bring these world-leading capabilities to MedLab Asia in 2023. 

Randox have expanded our EQA and QC portfolio to include coverage of PCR techniques for infectious diseases, via the QCMD and Qnostics brands. QCMD has over 100 programmes for EQA, and Qnostics covers a wide range of QC, linearity, and validation kit material to assist labs with the validation and monitoring of their PCR assays. We have found that these products have been especially useful in the post-pandemic era, as labs are now seeking to utilise additional PCR equipment, they brought in during COVID, by expanding their PCR test menu beyond respiratory diseases (e.g., to cover areas such as tuberculosis, STDs, gastrointestinal, etc).  

Tell us about your upcoming business plans in the pipeline. 

Randox remain focussed on growth within the global laboratory market and is committed to supporting laboratories to improve their accuracy, precision, and responsiveness to improve healthcare outcomes. 

One other key focus for Randox is the improvement of therapeutic intervention through novel testing panel utilising the capabilities of our patented Biochip technology. Clinical panel development is well underway for the Evidence MultiSTAT which includes the Stroke array to complement and enhance CT scanning technology to facilitate accurate classification of stroke patients within 30 minutes. ARDS is another panel for the stratification of hypo and hyper-inflammatory. Further work is underway to improve assessment of cytokine toxicity in patients, with a rapid turnaround time. 

Randox are remain committed to growth within the Asia market, and we look forward to engaging with our clients and partners – and many new opportunities – both during MedLab Asia and in the year ahead. 

Anything else you would like to add?

Randox is committed to improving healthcare globally. The company remains at the forefront of the advanced diagnostics sector which it believes is crucial to achieving improved health outcomes while relieving the strains and costs which currently inhibit the provision of healthcare.