Flexible CLIA solution for medium/high-volume laboratory

New member from our X-series! MAGLUMI® X6 continues the high-performance features of X-Tech and fills the gap between X3 and X8. Its maximum throughput can reach up to 450 T/h, and its maximum sample positions can reach 412 after expansion, flexibly adapting to different needs.

Product Features:

  • Throughput: 450 T/H
  • On board capability: 112/412 samples
  • Throughput per unit area: up to 320 T/H/m2
  • Reagent position: 30
  • Walk-away tests: up to 2000 tests
  • Cuvettes loading in one time: up to 2002
  • Dimensions & weight: 148.2*94*155 cm, 450 kg

Top 10 Highlights of MAGLUMI® X6

  • Throughput up to 450 T/H — One of the highest throughput analyzer with the same size
  • Flexible sample positions design, from 112 to 412 which just require small upgrading
  • Dual-mode wash liquid preparation — Automatic or manual based on multiple scenarios
  • No-pause sample loading/unloading design and STAT mode to avoid wasting your time
  • Up to 2000 walk-away tests to avoid high frequency of manual intervention
  • "One-side operations" design to save your working space
  • Intelligent SnibeLinker™ remote service solution to ensure the fast response
  • MAGLUMI® reagent kits are compatible with all MAGLUMI® series analyzers
  • Intelligent UI interface, user-friendly, easy and convenient operation
  • Four key technology designs of MAGLUMI® X6 guarantee accurate and reliable results